About Us

Iconola was established in 2003 out of passion and desire to express creativity.
Iconola is the first RTW (ready to wear) company in Nigeria, was incorporated in Nigeria, July 2006 as a fashion design and production business. This is a professional fashion company, which deals with manufacturing and distribution of garments.
Iconola is a growing brand name in the clothing and textile industry in Nigeria. Our main aim is to further build the fashion industry in Nigeria and be categorized as the foremost/one of the most prestigious fashion companies in Nigeria.

• Iconola is a company that focuses on detail, accuracy and precision in the manufacture of fashion and tailored items. Our staffs are well trained in areas of time management, communication skills and manufacturing in their different areas of expertise.

• Iconola was established out of passion and delight; the delight to make people happy and beautiful, to watch them flourish with grace and sophistication. The name “Iconola” means “the image of wealth and honor.” This image conjures beautiful, honorable, legitimate, class and dignity that stands the true test of time. This is what defines Iconola and this is what describes the brand and the customers.

• The CEO of Iconola is Olamide Agunloye